Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf

Cellist Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf has established a busy career in New York City as a solo, chamber, Broadway and recording artist. 


Conducted by Thomas Murray, the musicians play the score with the tenacity and wit of popular country music while blending in the haunting poignancy of Jason Robert Brown's Broadway sensibilities as well. The true star of this group is Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf's plaintive and heartrending cello performances, which also serve to make this remarkable score and album extraordinary. "Bridges of Madison County" Cast Album.  Broadway World

Mairi Dorman's lovely cello work did much to help express the mood, letting the notes themselves grow from melancholy to furious.


Assisted by the warming cello of Mairi Dorman, Murney merged "Good Thing Going" with "Not a Day Goes By," putting an imaginary proscenium arch around her storytelling.  Variety


… the sheer loveliness of the playing in the pit of the Biltmore Theater, where “LoveMusik” is now in residence, was a caress that came with the force of a revelation.
Thankfully [Jonathon Tunick’s] work has been handled with expert care by the show’s musical supervisor, Kristen Blodgette, and the 10 skilled players in the Biltmore pit.
  New York Times


Jason Carr’s exquisite musical arrangements are perfectly executed by Rob Berman (piano), Mairi Dorman (cello), and Dick Sarpola (bass). New York Magazine



BROADWAY WORLD: More About The Melody: Rodgers & Co. Photo by Kevin Alvey.

BROADWAY WORLD: More About The Melody: Rodgers & Co. Photo by Kevin Alvey.